Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jewelled Dagger and Scabbard

Dagger and Scabbard
The al-Sabah Collection, LNS 25 J

One of the finest and frequently published objects from the al-Sabah Collection is this Indian dagger. This object from Mughal India dates from 1615-1620.

Weapons in the Mughal court were designed as a way to demonstrate the wealth and importance of its owner. The weapons, such as this dagger, were also considered symbols of authority and honor. They were often given as imperial gifts to persons of high rank.

The sheaths of the weapons were usually made of leather or velvet, but the most important daggers were set with hundreds of precious stones. The Mughal rulers were very fond of gem-set weapons.

This dagger and scabbard from the al-Sabah Collection is magnificently set with over 2,000 stones; consisting of rubies, emeralds, and diamonds among others. It may well be the most extravagantly luxurious dagger ever produced.  

Information provided by Treasury of the World: Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals, Exhibition Master Pack, December 2008. 


  1. From Milan (Italy) thank you for giving us the possibility to enjoy the immense beauty of these masterpieces at Palazzo Reale in Milan. Chiara

  2. @Chiara Sicola

    Thank you for your comment Chiara! I am so glad to know you enjoyed the exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan. :)