Sunday, December 19, 2010

Take Your Pick: The al-Sabah Collection

The al-Sabah Collection has over 22,000 objects from the Islamic world. Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah's website has provided a selection of images of the objects. They are divided into nine categories:

1. Arts of the Book
2. Ceramics
3. Glass
4. Ivory and Wood
5. Jewelery and Jeweled objects
6. Metalwork
7. Numismatics 
8. Rugs and Textiles
9. Stone and Stucco 

I want you to take your pick from the collection and tell me what object interests you and would want to know more about. I will try my best to write up a post dedicated to the object you picked! 

This will make it a fun way for you to discover the objects and learn how vast and comprehensive The al-Sabah Collection of Islamic art is.

Just leave a comment with the number of the object: LNS number(s) letter(s).


  1. I could not resist your offer to talk about an object in the Sabah collection!
    great, interactive...
    here's my pick of the moment:


  2. @sarah

    I'm glad you're excited! I hope I won't disappoint.

    But unfortunately the link only takes me to the main page of The Collection. I think it would be best if you could give me the number of the object--starting with LNS...

  3. the object is LNS 193 W (a)
    It is the geometric wooden door pannel

    (I hope you're linking your blog to facebook as it is the way to connect, although I can't really stand it, that is why I wouldn't know if you do or if you don't!
    your efforts should not be wasted for only a few readers...)

  4. @sarah

    Oh interesting choice!

    And yes two of my co-workers follow up on DAI's facebook page and they have linked this blog :)

    Thanks Sarah