Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Traditional Arab Music for Orchestra"

The crowd on the night of the concert on Monday was nothing like I have seen before. In addition to many of DAI’s friends and members, the crowd consisted mostly of family and friends of the musicians and students performing; as well as teachers and VIPs from the Music Department.

Each audience member received a pamphlet; which gave an introduction to the Music department at the College of Basic Education operated by the Public Authority for Applied Education & Training. The pamphlet also included the program for the night.

The Music department from the College of Basic Education P.A.A.T. was established in 1986. It offers students training in all music styles and genres and graduates will receive a Bachelor in Music Science and Education.

The magnificent performance prepared for Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah was arranged and conducted by the maestro Dr. Abdulla Al-Masry. It combined music from Arab and international work with a “touch of Kuwaiti spirit.” The Arab songs were presented in the form of an orchestra, including western instruments and Arabic instruments; as well as a choir performance. It was a special night because that night was the first night the students performed off campus.

The concert included instrumental pieces, solos sung by students and opera singers Dr. Mahmoud Faraj and Dr. Hanan Al Gundi. Most of the night concentrated on the student choir. There wonderful voices which echoed in the auditorium were expressive and harmonious. The biggest surprise was when Dr. Abdulla Al-Masry explained how the college is segregated and he had to train the women choir and the men choir separately, and that tonight was their first performance together!

With talent like that, Kuwait’s music scene has a bright future.

One of the speakers of the night explained how music is an “international language,” and I couldn’t agree more. The musical performance was enjoyed by Arabic and non-Arabic speakers. You didn’t have to understand the lyrics; the music spoke for itself.

I was proud and honored to have been in the presence of such great young talent from Kuwait.  


  1. its really nice there
    well done to all my friend and to all my Doctors

    from .T. Qais Almajed

  2. I think there was as many people hoping for a seat outside the theater as as there was inside! The door closed early and left at dismay many friends of the dar. I wished I could be part of the listeners....
    It could be a good idea to reschedule such an event soon, or make it 2 or 3 nights in a week for all the audience to listen.
    Specially after your detailed review that shows the quality and diversity of the program.

  3. @q8_skate

    It was a very good performance.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it.